Clarification of Navigation Markers in St Ouen’s Bay


The recent repainting of La Caumine à Marie Best at St Ouen’s Bay, commonly known as the White House, has led to confusion by some members of the public believing the building to be an official navigation marker site used by Jersey Coastguard. Furthermore the department has also been approached to take action in seeking to restore the building to its former colour.

Before undertaking its current environmental project, Jersey Coastguard was approached by the National Trust for Jersey to enquire whether the temporarily repainting of La Caumine à Marie Best would have any significant impact on mariners. They were advised by the department that this would not be the case, citing the fact that according to the Admiralty Chart 1137 in St Ouen’s Bay the building is not officially identified as a recognised maritime marker. As a result, Jersey Coastguard has no authority to ask that the building be restored to its original colour.

However, according to harbour records, the building north of La Caumine à Marie Best, commonly known as ‘The White Building’ and home to Big Vern’s diner, is in fact the recognised maritime navigation mark in the area and is clearly visible when observed from the sea. Furthermore, permission would need to be obtained from Jersey Harbours should the owners wish to change the exterior colour of the building.

A public notice to this affect has been posted on the Coastguard Website, thereby saving any confusion, especially to visiting mariners.

La Caumine à Marie Best at St Ouen’s Bay, commonly known as the White House